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Custom Type Members Layout (File Layout) did not migrate from ReSharper 8

This is a know issue for us here:


Please try this file: 
Note: Please 'Unblock' the *.xslt file in its properties, otherwise you will get an error in VS output.

When you open it in Visual Studio, you will get the 'XML | Start XSLT Without Debugging' menu. If you click it, you will be prompted to provide an old XML file to convert it.

P.S. After pasting new XML file in ReSharper 9.0, follow the workaround here (switch to designer view) to actually save the new layout (fixed in ReSharper  9.0.1):

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    Thomas Hagström

    Could you be more specific?

    "prompted to provide an old XML" - my DotSettings file from ReSharper 8? That result does not look good.

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