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ReSharper C++ known issues

Unsupported language constructs

Unsupported C++11 features: 

  • Lambdas are partially supported
  • constexpr expressions
  • User defined literals

Unsupported MS C++ extensions:

Partially unsupported MS C++ extensions:

Unsupported MS preprocessor extensions:

Known Issues

  • Files belonging to multiple projects might be handled incorrectly
  • ReSharper 9 known issues

If ReSharper C++ considerably hinders performance of Visual Studio, please provide a performance snapshot (following the instructions under step 7) to the development team to investigate.

For a better experience with ReSharper C++ we recommend disabling Visual Studio native C++ support. In order to do this please go to Tools | Options | Text Editor | C/C++ | Advanced | Browsing/Navigation and set Disable Database to True. Please note, that in this case Visual Studio Class Wizard won't be available.

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    Rod Lewis

    Definitely looking forward to some of these issues getting resolved

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