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Offline plug-in installation process

1) Open in a browser;
2) Log in to a site;
3) Find a plugin e.g. (pay attention, that there may be two versions of a plugin - one for R# 8.x and one for R# 9.x );
4) If you logged in, there will be a Download link;
5) Hit Download link and download the nuget package;
6) Put it to any folder;
7) Specify such folder here "ReSharper | Options | Environment | Extension Manager | Add" and uncheck ".NET Products Gallery" checkbox;

8) Run ReSharper | Extension Manager and install the plugin which appears there.

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  • Avatar
    Louis Lau

    " and uncheck ".NET Products Gallery" checkbox"

    I can't find this checkbox

  • Avatar
    Jan Erik Torkilsen

    The downloaded plugin files are zip files. Should they be unzipped before placing them in the local package folder?

  • Avatar
    Alexander Kurakin

    @Jan I have never seen that downloaded plugins have .zip extension. It is usual .nupkg file (Nuget Package file).

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