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'Another instance of ReSharper with the same License' error message

Please make sure that your license key is not being used by another developer at your company (or you don't use your personal license on two machines) at the same time. Concurrent use of a single license on multiple instances of the software is restricted by our software license agreements.

In other words, you may use your license on several PCs separately, but you are not allowed to run multiple instances of ReSharper with the same license on different PCs simultaneously.

If a single License Key is used on two machines at the same time, the following information dialog will appear:


This dialog contains hostname and IP adress of the 2nd machine (which is using the same License Key), so the License usage can be tracked easily.

You may either:

1. Enter another License Information.

2. Disable remote instance of ReSharper.

3. Disable local instance of ReSharper.

Currently, Virtual Machines (VMs) are also counted as a standalone PCs, so it is not possible to use ReSharper on the host machine and virtual machine at the same time with a single License Key (or use Resharper license on multiple virtual machines at once).

Note: Since ReSharper 10 we have turned off this detection for Personal License Keys.
Commercial License Keys are still detected if run simultaneously.

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    Jetbrains Dah328

    This is extremely frustrating for Windows development in which different development branches must be hosted in separate VMs due to entanglements with the OS.  I typically have 2 development VMs open for work on future releases and 1 or 2 additional VMs open for tracking down problems in past releases.  Obviously, I am using no more than one VM at a time -- they are open only to facilitate moving quickly between tasks.  Nevertheless, I have to constantly juggle instances of Resharper among those VMs and it is beyond maddening.


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    It is also worth noting for anyone considering this software, that it also prevents working correctly even within the terms of the licensing agreement.  Specifically the definition is as cited above is "you are not allowed to run multiple instances of ReSharper with the same license on different PCs simultaneously".

    If you develop today and utilize virtual images so that you can both test and leverage the different Visual Studio versions, Resharper will prevent you from doing so even if on the same PC.  Unfortunately the intellectual property mechanism they use to safeguard the product likely uses such signatures as MAC addresses to determine if you are on a physically different PC.

    This is quite a disappointment as I think Reshaper is a fine tool but I haven't a similar problem with Visual Assist X.

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    Any chance of this restriction being refined to detect that the host IP address is also the gateway or some other such networking trickery so we can use a host/guest licence.

    I, possible like others, use a VM for older Visual Studio development, and often have the current VS edition running in the host, either for reference to pick up some code I might have done there, or just as part of juggling multiple projects.

    Cheers, Aaron.

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    This is so annoying, really! Please fix this, there must be way to detect that reSharper runs under VM. :)

  • Avatar

    Agree with the comments above. I get that you want to insure that the licenses being used are being used by the same person so that there's no "cheating" going on, I like to make money on my software also, so find some way to allow for this to happen. I almost always have a second or third VM (or even a physical machine I'm remoting into) running with Visual Studio and Reshaper. I had to reinstall Resharper on one machine because it wouldn't switch back on even after I "Disabled" the license on the other machine. 

    How about a two-factor authentication system to insure it's the same user? As annoying as that would be, it would at least allow me to use Resharper.

  • Avatar

    This restriction is so 1990's

    Come on Jetbrains, sort it out.

    Anyone that reaalllyyy wanted to play dirty would simply get a cracked version off a well known swedish torrent sharing site.

    You're just penalising those who have paid for it!

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    Robert Noack

    Agree that this is annoying, and especially in 2014 when software piracy is run rampant. This message does not stop piracy, it just encourages legitimate users to pirate in the future.

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    Steve Moss

    I too run Visual Studio with Resharper both directly on Windows8.1 and also from within a hyper-v virtual-machine on the same PC where I need a slightly different environment.  I now have to shut-down all instances of Visual Studio in one environment, then start new instances in the other environment, just to do what used to be ALT-TAB.

    So Resharper is no longer much of a productivity tool.  Opening & closing Visual Studio takes ages.

    Surely Jetbrains must be able to come up with some way of managing the licencing that will work for the large number of developers who work in a similar way?

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    Tom Dietrich

    I can't agree more. I develop on multiple VMs as well as my main box and this license restriction is an undue burden on your paying customers. 

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    Tony Rose

    I agree with the torrent comment, this only punishes those who actually paid.. if someone wants it free.. it is out there. What makes this even more frustrating is when you disable R# it doesn't restore the original key bindings rendering Visual Studio nearly useless. It would not be as bad if I could at least still navigate and use VS but once you disable R# welcome to notepad.

  • Avatar
    Tyler Andreasen

    I also agree that this is an absolutely ridiculous restriction. Punishing the legitimate owners isn't a good business practice (and as others have said it is incredibly easy for the illegitimate to download and use to their heart's content on multiple machines without problem).

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    Peter Cabus

    Considering not to renew my resharper license because of this limit.

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    Ralf Schoch

    It's the same to me. I have also to work in a VM with a special configuration and have a PC for the normal work. It's no solution to work on one VS with ReSharper and on the other one without. I hope the solution is not to work without ReShaper on both machines. The next renewal will decide ...

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    Alex Berezoutsky

    In ReSharper 10 we have turned off this detection for Personal License Keys.
    Commercial License Keys are still detected if run simultaneously.

  • Avatar
    Robert Noack

    Better than it was before, I guess, but still doesn't really solve the problem, when running at a company you are probably more likely to be doing serious work using more VMs, etc. It's hard to get the company to buy multiple expensive license keys for a single developer. This is so clearly a product management decision that was made in a lame attempt to satisfy people, while still being greedy and ultimately angering legitimate users. Anti-piracy measures are so 1990, and this is so boring to even be talking about. Terrible management decision to put this in the first place, and ongoing bad management leaving it in.

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